Thursday, March 19, 2009

Casting casualties and mapping mishaps

We're moving forward with the project - sort of. Like any production, we've had our share of difficulties and issues, and we're slowly getting them sorted out.

A major change has occurred in our casting. The characters need a wardrobe change, and remapping the characters we selected has been...challenging. We've had to bench a couple of our characters, and we're going with one rig for all three parts, with appropriate changes in maps, clothing, and stature so we can tell them apart from each other.

We continue to be grateful for the generosity and assistance we've received from the guys who built the rigs, and they'll all still show up in the credits once we're done. Right now, though, we've got to get going on the animation - the semester's moving fast, and we need to crank out some footage.

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